An accident claim is a legal demand seeking compensation due to damages incurred from a car accident. When making an accident claim, the owner of the car involved in the accident does not deal directly with the driver of the other car. They contact the insurance company that insured the other driver. This is because the insurance company is the entity that has the mandate to take over such situations when they insure their car. It is their responsibility to handle such situations. When they contact the insurance company,they will answer some questions and set a date for a meeting. view here for more 

The driver who is making a car accident claim is supposed to have adequate information in order to help the insurance company settle the claim. It is advisable to note down certain details while still at the accident scene. The first detail they are supposed to have is the name of the other driver who was involved in the accident. They should also note their identification details. They are not supposed to speed off after an accident. When they take down they identification details, they will be able to ascertain that it was indeed the other driver who was involved in the accident and not someone else. The insurance company needs this kind of information before they take any step towards the settlement of accident claims.  

The driver who is making an accident claim is supposed to note the name of the insurance company that has insured the other driver's car. This is because they cannot assume to know the insurance company without actually confirming with the other driver. They are supposed to look on the windscreen of the other car in order to ascertain that they have an insurance cover and whether it is updated. This is because it might prove difficult for the insurance company to settle an accident claim for a client who does not make car insurance payments. By identifying the other driver's insurance company, they will be be able to contact them and make the accident claim. discover more

The driver should also identify someone who witnessed the accident. This is because the insurance company may need some evidence to show that the accident actually happened. They should then take down their identification details and contact information. If there was a law enforcement officer who arrived at the scene if the accident, it is advisable to have them testify that they have evaluated the accident and it actually happened. These are helpful steps in making an accident claim.